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        Since our genesis in 2001, we have gathered an excellent reputation in North Carolina region as a famous and exclusive online antique shop. In last fifteen years, we have evolved ourselves with the passion for seeking beautiful pieces of antique and vintage furniture, jewelry, and decorative tools from all around the world.

        In our NC-based antique store, we stock a hugely diverse range of antiques and vintage items. We cater to all kinds of tastes and covering many historical periods from Ancient Roman, Georgian, Victorian, through to contemporary. As we all know, much of what we buy today loses its value with time, but there is one exception to this. They are the pieces of the art, antiques, and the increasingly popular vintage pieces dating back to the old ages. Collecting antiques and vintage items have sentimental value. People collect antiques for collection, hobby or to sell at a higher price. Most of the antique items buyers collect great antique pieces which provide them with a pleasant experience and have an overwhelming ambiance in their homes.

        In our antique store, you will find a variety of antique and vintage items such as antique furniture, antique jewelry, a used antique tool, vintage jewelry, vintage furniture, and much more. We are collaborating with a large number of reputable antique dealers across the globe to add precious new items in our collection every day. Whether you are a history researcher, a passionate collector or looking for something unique and extraordinary to adorn your wedding outfit, our online antique shop is one stop solution for all of your antique and vintage items collection.

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Antique and Vintage Furniture

If you are purchasing antique or vintage furniture from the online shop of Antiques On Howard, you are buying from a name that you can surely trust.

Antique and Vintage Jewelry

The antique and vintage jewelry from the Victorian era have always been highly valued. This is basically due to of their status...

Used Antique and Vintage Tools

We strive to bring you a unique collection of a variety of tools and other hands-on products of and robust value