Antique and Vintage Furniture North carolina


Antique and Vintage Furniture :

        If you are purchasing antique or vintage furniture from the online shop of Antiques On Howard, you are buying from a name that you can surely trust. In last fifteen years, we have sold real and the best quality antique and vintage furniture items such as chairs, wooden tables, mirrors, decor, etc. to thousands of clients in North Carolina. We offer a plentiful and affordable supply of beautiful antique furniture in the cities we visited. All furniture items described on our website are as accurate as possible. All the key flaws such as chips, cracks, and restoration will be rightly noted in the description. With over fifteen years of extensive experience in this industry, we ensure to provide you the most authentic antique and vintage furniture. Our best furniture collection is the high quality and vibrant art.

Antique and Vintage Jewelry North Carolina


Antique and Vintage Jewelry :

        The antique and vintage jewelry from the Victorian era have always been highly valued. This is basically due to of their status as historic treasures, and the amount of artistry that went into designing and skillful crafting of each and every piece. Then there's one obvious thing, their enduring beauty! This jewelry is rare and quite desirable as there is an ever-increasing demand for them by the wealthy bidders. Nowadays, in themed weddings, the brides choose to wear the antique and vintage jewelry which makes the heads turn! Go through the wide variety of antique and vintage jewelry showcased in our website catalogs and choose the perfect matching piece of jewelry to add charisma to your persona.

Used Antique and Vintage Tools North Carolina


Used Antique and Vintage Tools :

        We strive to bring you a unique collection of a variety of tools and other hands-on products of and robust value and of exceptional relevance regarding genuineness. Tools for casual décor or special collection, Antiques On Howard offers you a fantastic selection of a broad range of artifacts and tools, home decor accessories, etc. The beautiful thing about shopping with us is there is not any pressure; we want you to feel at comfortable and satisfied with your purchase. Our knowledgeable staff is here to help create a cozy environment and guide you through with loads of historical information about every antique tool.